Life shouldn't be a difficult journey. Nor, should it be walked alone

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Go ahead…Get Disturbed! If you’re not getting disturbed, you're not getting motivated to do anything. In order to make anything happen, you need to get fired up about it. Take a good hard look at the way your life is right now. Is there anything you want to change? Do different? Become a better you? I believe, if you want to  live life to the fullest, than you need to shed the shackles holding you back. The only way to do that is to let go of the ego (not eggo) and allow yourself to connect with your self. Taking the first step isn't as difficult as it seems. Let me show you how. 

Constant Work


From cleanses and detoxes to yoga and meditation, to food challenges, to exercise programs. I can help you discover what works for you. Help you figure out your ideas to make you grow strong and confident in your own skin. Let's get you excited for this next phase in your life. And there’s never a better time than now!  You've spent your life working on other peoples ideas of what your life should be. Find out your true life's path. Follow these links for more information and inspiration.

Feeling and Looking Great


The first 90 minute consultation is totally free. A healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind. The biggest challenge is finding out where to start. If you found this website, you found your starting point. Connecting to your true self is the first step to feeling your best. We have been conditioned at a very young age to follow but, we are never taught how to lead. This leaves us in a state of constant confusion. We have been taught to obey and follow instructions. Now is your time to obey yourself and follow what is truly right for you. Let's get you started on the right foot.

Who Am I



I am many things. An explorer. A teacher. An enthusiast. A lover of many things, A Holistic Practitioner. Life Coach A non denomination Ordained Minister and the list goes on. Although I am part of the greater scheme of the universe. I am an individual. I believe we are all individuals and should be able to express ourselves in the most truest and purest way possible. Your personal development will spur your personal growth and achieve your best results.


What I Do

I change lives. I bring people to the realization they aren't who they think they are. The way they perceive themselves has been dictated to them by many outside influences in their lives. I help them uncover their true identity and live up to their true, untapped potential. The biggest illusion is believing there is nothing more. When in actuality, the possibilities are endless... Buddha said to his followers "Here are 85,000 of my teachings. Take and use what works for you and leave the rest." This holds true today after 2,500 years. Life isn't about doing everything. It is about doing what works for you. Believing in your true self is the most importatnt. I help you get there.


What To Expect

Truth, Honesty, Compassion, Integrity just to name a few. You will not find anything sugarcoated with me. To find your true nature, you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. You really have to become disturbed with the way things are in order to make the necessary changes you really want to make. You will come to understand why you are in a state of turmoil or confusion. You will have the veil removed and begin to see how you have been shaped to conform to the way society wants you to be. I will help you step out of the skins you wear, that are uncomfortable. The first 90 minute consultation is totally free. If you decide not to continue, you have nothing to lose and may just walk away with some great information.


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